Is Cardio Good for you?

Eradicating fat in your body is dependent on whether you need to lose too much fat or a little bit by bit. The right diet accompanied by cardiovascular exercises will turn out to be very essential to your body. This is the way in which the professionals (models, actors, and competitors) lose weight, and that is how it works. If you’re overweight, you are sure you can not start a program of training with free weights and machines, but the benefits this gives you is much higher than you have ever thought off. Resistance training improves your loss by increasing fat to muscle mass because more muscle mass means you will be burning more fat automatically, therefore, obtaining a fast and efficient metabolism.

Apart from that, it also gives your skin and body more tone, firmness and better appearance, makes your bones strong, prevent hypertension, increases your strength, and improves your immune system, apart from improving your mood and giving you more energy during the day. The harsh truth is that when you start consuming a diet too low in calories your body prefers to use your existing muscle tissue for energy instead of using their reserves of fat. So, quick weight loss is not a thing one should wish for. It is optimal to lose a steady and moderate pace so that what you are losing is fat, and not just water weight or muscle.

The idea is to lose a maximum of 0.5 to 1.5 kilograms per week. If you are losing faster, then you can be 99% sure that this is muscle wasting. Remember that you cannot burn fat in specific areas of the body. It is true that the more fat accumulates in the buttocks, hips, and legs in women and around stomach, waist, back and low in the men but the reality is that you cannot just do an exercise to reduce a specified area.

What you should do first is to continue a program to lose fat in all areas of your body, and once you’ve fallen far enough you can work with more resistance exercises areas of your body in which he previously had difficulty now are healthy, slender and tone (like the legs, buttocks, and abdomen). To succeed, in your weight loss program should include the following:

– A restricted diet (no zero or low) in calories.

– The cardiovascular exercise of moderate intensity, with duration of 30 to 60 minutes and a frequency of 2 to 3 times per week. You can run, using the walking, cycling, or elliptic machine.

– A routine exercise with weights and resistance machines, which trains, strengthen, and Tones the major muscles of your body (chest, arms, back, and legs), with a frequency of 3 to 4 times a week

– Ensure you take up the right amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, and glutamine.

– Being consistent and disciplined in everything we do during your program

– Monitor your progress, and adjust what you’re doing according to the results to those obtained

Using the so-called diet pills may not always be enough. Even if you have the best plan then that will be useless if you cannot be disciplined about it. Remember that you must have a real program which you can implement in your daily life.

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